Emile Vernon

French 1890-1920


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Emile Vernon oil paintings
Emile Vernon : A Woodland Maiden
ID:49099 Classical Oil Painting, 49099-Vernon, Emile-A Woodland Maiden.jpg
Emile Vernon : A Summere Rose
ID:49100 Classical Oil Painting, 49100-Vernon, Emile-A_Summere_Rose.jpg
Emile Vernon : Among The Blossoms
ID:49101 Classical Oil Painting, 49101-Vernon, Emile-Among The Blossoms.jpg
Emile Vernon : An Elegant Lady With A Yellow Rose
ID:49102 Classical Oil Painting, 49102-Vernon, Emile-An Elegant Lady With A Yellow Rose.jpg
Emile Vernon : Best of Friends
ID:49103 Classical Oil Painting, 49103-Vernon, Emile-Best of Friends.jpg
Emile Vernon : Carnations Are For Love
ID:49104 Classical Oil Painting, 49104-Vernon, Emile-Carnations_Are_For_Love.jpg
Emile Vernon : Cherry Blossom
ID:49105 Classical Oil Painting, 49105-Vernon, Emile-Cherry Blossom.jpg
Emile Vernon : Country Spring
ID:49106 Classical Oil Painting, 49106-Vernon, Emile-Country Spring.jpg
Emile Vernon : Country Summer
ID:49107 Classical Oil Painting, 49107-Vernon, Emile-Country Summer.jpg
Emile Vernon : Fleurs De Cerise
ID:49108 Classical Oil Painting, 49108-Vernon, Emile-Fleurs_De_Cerise.jpg
Emile Vernon : Georges Conversation At The Fountain
ID:49109 Classical Oil Painting, 49109-Vernon, Emile-Georges Conversation At The Fountain.jpg
Emile Vernon : Girl Holding a Nest
ID:49110 Classical Oil Painting, 49110-Vernon, Emile-Girl Holding a Nest.jpg
Emile Vernon : Pretty In Pink
ID:49111 Classical Oil Painting, 49111-Vernon, Emile-Pretty_In_Pink.jpg
Emile Vernon : Starlight
ID:49112 Classical Oil Painting, 49112-Vernon, Emile-Starlight.jpg
Emile Vernon : Tennins Anyone
ID:49113 Classical Oil Painting, 49113-Vernon, Emile-Tennins_Anyone.jpg
Emile Vernon : The Cherry Bonnet
ID:49114 Classical Oil Painting, 49114-Vernon, Emile-The Cherry Bonnet.jpg
Emile Vernon : The Fancy Bonnet
ID:49115 Classical Oil Painting, 49115-Vernon, Emile-The Fancy Bonnet.jpg
Emile Vernon : The Secret Message
ID:49116 Classical Oil Painting, 49116-Vernon, Emile-The Secret Message.jpg
Emile Vernon : The Secret Message II
ID:49117 Classical Oil Painting, 49117-Vernon, Emile-The Secret Message.jpg
Emile Vernon : The Pink Rose
ID:49118 Classical Oil Painting, 49118-Vernon, Emile-The_Pink_Rose.jpg
Emile Vernon : The Three Graces
ID:49119 Classical Oil Painting, 49119-Vernon, Emile-The_Three_Graces.jpg
Emile Vernon : Three Sisters
ID:49120 Classical Oil Painting, 49120-Vernon, Emile-Three Sisters.jpg
Emile Vernon : Under the Cherry Tree
ID:49121 Classical Oil Painting, 49121-Vernon, Emile-Under the Cherry Tree.jpg
Emile Vernon : Young Lady With Roses
ID:49122 Classical Oil Painting, 49122-Vernon, Emile-Young_Lady_With_Roses.jpg
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Emile Vernon Paintings - Oil Painting Reproductions (French 1890-1920).
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