Pompeo Batoni

Italian, 1708-1787
Pompeo Batoni


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Pompeo Batoni oil paintings
Pompeo Batoni : Graphic Achilles at the Court of Lycomedes
1745, oil on canvas, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
Pompeo Batoni : Graphic Diana and Cupid
1761, oil on canvas, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Pompeo Batoni : Girolamo Portrait Of Anthony Ashley Cooper
Oil on canvas, 46965-Batoni, Pompeo-Girolamo Portrait Of Anthony Ashley Cooper.jpg
Pompeo Batoni : Holy Family

ID:46966 Holy Family

Oil on canvas, 46966-Batoni, Pompeo-Holy_Family.jpg
Pompeo Batoni : Madonna And Child
Oil on canvas, 46967-Batoni, Pompeo-Madonna_And_Child.jpg
Pompeo Batoni : Portrait Of Edward Augustus Duke Of York
Oil on canvas, 46968-Batoni, Pompeo-Portrait Of Edward Augustus Duke Of York.jpg
Pompeo Batoni : Portrait Of Charles Crowle
Oil on canvas, 46969-Batoni, Pompeo-Portrait_Of_Charles_Crowle.jpg
Pompeo Batoni : Sensuality

ID:46970 Sensuality

Oil on canvas, 46970-Batoni, Pompeo-Sensuality.jpg
Pompeo Batoni : Sir Gregory Page Turner
Oil on canvas, 46971-Batoni, Pompeo-Sir_Gregory_Page_Turner.jpg
Pompeo Batoni : Susanna And The Elders
Oil on canvas, 46972-Batoni, Pompeo-Susanna And The Elders.jpg
Pompeo Batoni : The Ecstasy Of St Catherine Of Siena
Oil on canvas, 46973-Batoni, Pompeo-The Ecstasy Of St Catherine Of Siena.jpg
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Pompeo Girolamo Batoni (25 January 1708 - 4 February 1787) was an Italian painter whose style incorporated elements of the French Rococo, Bolognese classicism, and nascent Neoclassicism.

Batoni aimed at overcoming the excesses and frivolities of the Rococo by taking inspiration in classical antiquity and in the work of artists such as Nicolas Poussin, and especially Raphael. As such he was a precursor of Neoclassicism.

He was born in Lucca, the son of a goldsmith, Paolino Batoni. He moved to Rome in 1727, and apprenticed with Agostino Masucci, Sebastiano Conca and/or Francesco Imperiali (1679-1740).

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