Sidney Richard Percy

English landscape painter, 1821-1886


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Sidney Richard Percy oil paintings
Sidney Richard Percy : Cattle and Drovers on a Path, Styhead Pass, Cumberland
ID:46525 Canvas painting, picture ID 46525-Percy, Sidney Richard-Cattle and Drovers on a Path, Styhead Pass, Cumberland.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Easdale Tarn, Westmoreland
ID:46526 Canvas painting, picture ID 46526-Percy, Sidney Richard-Easdale Tarn, Westmoreland.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Figures On A Path By A Rocky Stream
ID:46527 Canvas painting, picture ID 46527-Percy, Sidney Richard-Figures On A Path By A Rocky Stream.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Glen Falock, Dunbartonshire
ID:46528 Canvas painting, picture ID 46528-Percy, Sidney Richard-Glen Falock, Dunbartonshire.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Langdale, Westmorland
ID:46529 Canvas painting, picture ID 46529-Percy, Sidney Richard-Langdale, Westmorland.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Moel Siabab, North Wales
ID:46530 Canvas painting, picture ID 46530-Percy, Sidney Richard-Moel Siabab, North Wales.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Moel Siabod from Glyn Lledr, with Figures and Cattle on a Ri
ID:46531 Canvas painting, picture ID 46531-Percy, Sidney Richard-Moel Siabod from Glyn Lledr, with Figures and Cattle on a Ri.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : A Rest On The Roadside
ID:47901 Landscape painting, 47901-Percy, Sidney Richard-A_Rest_On_The_Roadside.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : By The Shore
ID:47902 Landscape painting, 47902-Percy, Sidney Richard-By_The_Shore.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Cattle By A Lake
ID:47903 Landscape painting, 47903-Percy, Sidney Richard-Cattle_By_A_Lake.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Landscape With A Lake And Mountains Beyond
ID:47904 Landscape painting, 47904-Percy, Sidney Richard-Landscape With A Lake And Mountains Beyond.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Llyn y Ddinas North Wales
ID:47905 Landscape painting, 47905-Percy, Sidney Richard-Llyn_y_Ddinas_North_Wales.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Overlooking the Bay
ID:47906 Landscape painting, 47906-Percy, Sidney Richard-Overlooking_the_Bay.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Scottish Highlands
ID:47907 Landscape painting, 47907-Percy, Sidney Richard-Scottish_Highlands.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Streatly On Thames
ID:47908 Landscape painting, 47908-Percy, Sidney Richard-Streatly On Thames.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : The Path Down to the Lake North Wales
ID:47909 Landscape painting, 47909-Percy, Sidney Richard-The Path Down to the Lake North Wales.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : The Ponway Trefew North Wales
ID:47910 Landscape painting, 47910-Percy, Sidney Richard-The Ponway Trefew North Wales.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : The Road Across The Common
ID:47911 Landscape painting, 47911-Percy, Sidney Richard-The Road Across The Common.jpg
Sidney Richard Percy : Williams Cattle And Sheep In A Scottish Highland Landscape
ID:47912 Landscape painting, 47912-Percy, Sidney Richard-Williams Cattle And Sheep In A Scottish Highland Landscape.jpg
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Sidney Richard Percy (1821 London - 13 April 1886 Sutton, Surrey), born Sidney Richard Percy Williams, was an English landscape painter. Sidney Richard Percy Williams was the fifth son of Edward Williams. Although his early paintings were signed "Sidney Williams", from age 20 onwards he used the name "Percy" to differentiate himself from his painting family. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1842 onwards, at the British Institution, and with the Royal British Academy.
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