Theobald Chartran

French propaganda painter, 1849 - 1907
Theobald Chartran


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Theobald Chartran oil paintings
Theobald Chartran : Les Matines a la Grande Chartreuse
51831-Theobald Chartran-Les Matines a la Grande Chartreuse.jpg
Theobald Chartran : Madame Collas et sa fille
51832-Theobald Chartran-Madame Collas et sa fille.jpg
Theobald Chartran : Portrait de Sadi Carnot
51833-Theobald Chartran-Portrait de Sadi Carnot.jpg
Theobald Chartran : Portrait of Andrew Carnegie
51834-Theobald Chartran-Portrait of Andrew Carnegie.jpg
Theobald Chartran : Portrait of Charles Lockhart
51835-Theobald Chartran-Portrait of Charles Lockhart.jpg
Theobald Chartran : Portrait of Henry Phipps
51836-Theobald Chartran-Portrait of Henry Phipps.jpg
Theobald Chartran : Portrait of Mrs Charles Lockhart
51837-Theobald Chartran-Portrait of Mrs Charles Lockhart.jpg
Theobald Chartran : Rene Laennec

ID:51838 Rene Laennec

51838-Theobald Chartran-Rene Laennec.jpg
Theobald Chartran : The Exiles From Thebes
51839-Theobald Chartran-The Exiles From Thebes.jpg
Theobald Chartran : The Signing of the Protocol of Peace Between the United Stat
51840-Theobald Chartran-The Signing of the Protocol of Peace Between the United Stat.jpg
Theobald Chartran : Washington A Roebling
51841-Theobald Chartran-Washington A Roebling.jpg
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Theobald Chartran (20 July 1849 - 16 July 1907) was a classical French propaganda painter.
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