Thomas Blinks

British, 1860-1912
Thomas Blinks


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Thomas Blinks oil paintings
Thomas Blinks : A Foxhound

ID:50564 A Foxhound

canvas painting, 50564-Blinks, Thomas-A Foxhound.jpg
Thomas Blinks : An English and Irish Setter on a Moor
canvas painting, 50565-Blinks, Thomas-An English and Irish Setter on a Moor.jpg
Thomas Blinks : English Setters and Gordon Setters
canvas painting, 50566-Blinks, Thomas-English Setters and Gordon Setters.jpg
Thomas Blinks : English Setter
canvas painting, 50567-Blinks, Thomas-English Setter.jpg
Thomas Blinks : English Setters in Marshland
canvas painting, 50568-Blinks, Thomas-English Setters in Marshland.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Fox hunting Full Cry
canvas painting, 50569-Blinks, Thomas-Fox hunting Full Cry.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Foxhounds and a Hunt Terrier
canvas painting, 50570-Blinks, Thomas-Foxhounds and a Hunt Terrier.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Foxhounds Leaving the Kennels
canvas painting, 50571-Blinks, Thomas-Foxhounds Leaving the Kennels.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Full Cry Fox Hunting
canvas painting, 50572-Blinks, Thomas-Full Cry Fox Hunting.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Full Cry

ID:50573 Full Cry

canvas painting, 50573-Blinks, Thomas-Full Cry.jpg
Thomas Blinks : In The Field, Shooting
canvas painting, 50574-Blinks, Thomas-In The Field, Shooting.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Irish Setters

ID:50575 Irish Setters

canvas painting, 50575-Blinks, Thomas-Irish Setters.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Over The Fence
canvas painting, 50576-Blinks, Thomas-Over The Fence.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Over The Hedge
canvas painting, 50577-Blinks, Thomas-Over The Hedge.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Picking Up The Scent, Foxhunting
canvas painting, 50578-Blinks, Thomas-Picking Up The Scent, Foxhunting.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Picking Up The Scent
canvas painting, 50579-Blinks, Thomas-Picking Up The Scent.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Showing Him Off
canvas painting, 50580-Blinks, Thomas-Showing Him Off.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Terriers on a Hare
canvas painting, 50581-Blinks, Thomas-Terriers on a Hare.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Three Pointers in a Landscape
canvas painting, 50582-Blinks, Thomas-Three Pointers in a Landscape.jpg
Thomas Blinks : To the Cover

ID:50583 To the Cover

canvas painting, 50583-Blinks, Thomas-To the Cover.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Two English Setters
canvas painting, 50584-Blinks, Thomas-Two English Setters.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Two Pointers In A Landscape
canvas painting, 50585-Blinks, Thomas-Two Pointers In A Landscape.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Ware Away

ID:50586 Ware Away

canvas painting, 50586-Blinks, Thomas-Ware Away.jpg
Thomas Blinks : 12Th Of August
canvas painting, 50587-Blinks, Thomas--Unknown.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Terriers fighting
canvas painting, 50588-Blinks, Thomas--Unknown.jpg
Thomas Blinks : Unity

ID:50589 Unity

canvas painting, 50589-Blinks, Thomas--Unknown.jpg
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