Arthur Hacker

English Pre-Raphaelite Painter, 1858-1919


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Arthur Hacker oil paintings
Arthur Hacker : Autumn
ID:41175 41175-Arthur Hacker-Autumn.jpg
Arthur Hacker : Mount Etna From Taormina
ID:41176 41176-Arthur Hacker-Mount_Etna_From_Taormina.jpg
Arthur Hacker : Percival with the Grail Cup
ID:41177 41177-Arthur Hacker-Percival with the Grail Cup.jpg
Arthur Hacker : Portraits Of His Sister In Law
ID:41178 41178-Arthur Hacker-Portraits_Of_His_Sister_In_Law.jpg
Arthur Hacker : Portraits Of The Artists Brother
ID:41179 41179-Arthur Hacker-Portraits_Of_The_Artists_Brother.jpg
Arthur Hacker : Syrinx
ID:41180 41180-Arthur Hacker-Syrinx.jpg
Arthur Hacker : The Cloister of the Bell
ID:41181 41181-Arthur Hacker-The_Cloister_of_the_Bell.jpg
Arthur Hacker : The Cloister or the World
ID:41182 41182-Arthur Hacker-The_Cloister_or_the_World_AMK.jpg
Arthur Hacker : The Temptation of Sir Percival
ID:41183 41183-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
Arthur Hacker : The Girl in White
ID:41184 41 x 34.1cm, 41184-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
Arthur Hacker : The Cloud
ID:41186 1902, oil on canvas
Arthur Hacker : The Childrens Prayer
ID:41187 41187-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
Arthur Hacker : Girl in a Punt
ID:41188 oil on canvas
Arthur Hacker : A Heavy Burden
ID:41189 41189-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
Arthur Hacker : Returning From The Hayfield
ID:41190 oil on canvas, 41190-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
Arthur Hacker : The Parasol
ID:41191 Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas
Arthur Hacker : The Gold Bowl
ID:41192 1916
Arthur Hacker : A Difficulty
ID:41193 1888, 41193-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
Arthur Hacker : Fire Fancies
ID:41194 41194-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
Arthur Hacker : A Bacchante
ID:41195 41195-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
Arthur Hacker : And there was a great cry in Egypt
ID:41196 41196-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
Arthur Hacker : On the Houseboat
ID:41197 41197-Arthur Hacker--Unknown.jpg
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Arthur Hacker (September 25, 1858 - November 12, 1919) was an English classicist painter. Born in London in 1858, Hacker was the son of Edward Hacker.
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