James Tissot

France, 1836-1902
James Tissot


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James Tissot oil paintings
James Tissot : Portrait of Mademoiselle L.L.  Young Woman in a Red Jacket
1864, Musee d'Orsay at Paris.
James Tissot : Une Veuve A Widow
1868, oil on canvas, private collection.
James Tissot : On the Thames, A Heron
1871-72, oil on canvas, Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
James Tissot : Gentleman in a Railway Carriage
1872, oil on panel, Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts.
James Tissot : The Last Evening
1873, oil on canvas, Guildhall Art Gallery, London.
James Tissot : The Captain's Daughter
1873, oil on canvas, Southampton City Art Gallery
James Tissot : Too Early

ID:29933 Too Early

1873, oil on canvas, Guildhall Art Gallery, London.
James Tissot : Still on Top

ID:29934 Still on Top

1874, oil on canvas, Aukland City Art Gallery.
James Tissot : Hush

ID:29935 Hush

1875, oil on canvas, Manchester City Art Galleries.
James Tissot : A Portrait Miss Lloyd
1876, oil on canvas, Tate Gallery, London.
James Tissot : The Annunciation
1886-96, watercolor and gouache on paper, The Brooklyn Museum
James Tissot : A Passing Storm
1876, oil on canvas, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, New Brunswick.
James Tissot : The Gallery of HMS Calcutta
1877, oil on canvas, Tate Gallery, London.
James Tissot : In the Conservatory, Rivals
1875-78, oil on canvas, Private collection.
James Tissot : Le Banc de Jardin,The Garden Bench
1882, oil on canvas, private collection.
James Tissot : L'Ambitiuse,The Political Lady
1883-85, oil on canvas, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo.
James Tissot : The Ball

ID:29943 The Ball

Oil on canvas, Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France
James Tissot : Hagar and the Angel in the Desert
1896-1900, watercolor on paper, The Jewish Museum at New York.
James Tissot : London Visitors, approx
1874, oil on canvas, Toledo Musem of Art, Ohio.
James Tissot : October

ID:29946 October

1877, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
James Tissot : A Convalescent
1876.Oil On Canvas
James Tissot : Waiting for the Ferry
Waiting for the Ferry, 1878.
James Tissot : Berthe

ID:29949 Berthe

1882. Oil On Canvas
James Tissot : Le Printemps,Spring
1865, oil on canvas, private collection.
James Tissot : A Convalescent II
40968-Tissot, James-A_Convalescent.jpg
James Tissot : A Declaration of Love
40969-Tissot, James-A_Declaration_of_Love.jpg
James Tissot : A Fete Day at Brighton
40970-Tissot, James-A_Fete_Day_at_Brighton.jpg
James Tissot : A Lady In A Black And White Dress
40971-Tissot, James-A_Lady_In_A_Black_And_White_Dress.jpg
James Tissot : A Little Nimrod
40972-Tissot, James-A_Little_Nimrod.jpg
James Tissot : A Luncheon

ID:40973 A Luncheon

40973-Tissot, James-A_Luncheon.jpg
James Tissot : A Passing Storm II
40974-Tissot, James-A_Passing_Storm.jpg
James Tissot : A Reclining Lady
40975-Tissot, James-A_Reclining_Lady.jpg
James Tissot : A Widow

ID:40976 A Widow

40976-Tissot, James-A_Widow.jpg
James Tissot : A Woman in an elegant Interior
40977-Tissot, James-A_Woman_in_an_elegant_Interior.jpg
James Tissot : A Woman of Ambition
40978-Tissot, James-A_Woman_of_Ambition.jpg
James Tissot : Algeron Moses Marsden
40979-Tissot, James-Algeron_Moses_Marsden.jpg
James Tissot : An Interesting Story
40980-Tissot, James-An_Interesting_Story.jpg
James Tissot : at Bethany

ID:40981 at Bethany

40981-Tissot, James-at_Bethany.jpg
James Tissot : At The Louvre

ID:40982 At The Louvre

40982-Tissot, James-At_The_Louvre.jpg
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Artist photo
The French painter James Joseph Jacques Tissot is known especially for his charming illustrations of Victorian life. After studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he fought in the Franco-Prussian War and then settled in England. As a caricaturist for Vanity Fair, he met London's social elite and became a fashionable portrait painter, especially of elegantly dressed women. In 1886, moved by a religious impulse, he made his first trip to Palestine and then devoted the next ten years to illustrating the Bible in watercolor paintings. His research for these works, many of which belong to the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, N.Y., was painstaking and often included visits to the sites of the biblical incidents.
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