Archibald Thorburn

Scottish artist and bird illustrator, 1860-1935
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Archibald Thorburn oil paintings
A Cock Pheasant
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:48748
A Greenland
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:48749
Cock and hen pheasant in the undergrowth
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:48750
Cock Grouse
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:48751
English Partridge In Flight
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:48752
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:48753
Western Tragopan
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:48754
A Golden Eagle
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:50125
Bluetits On A Teasel
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:50126
Common Eider Ducks
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:50128
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:50129
Great Bustards
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:50130
Pintail Teal And Wigeon On The Seashore
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:50131
Red Grouse On The Moor
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:50132
Red Partridges
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:50133
Woodcock Nesting On A Beach
Archibald Thorburn
Item ID:50134
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Archibald Thorburn (31 May 1860 Viewfield House, Lasswade, Midlothian - 9 October 1935 Hascombe, Surrey) was a Scottish artist and bird illustrator, painting mostly in watercolour. He regularly visited Scotland to sketch birds in the wild, his favourite haunt being the Forest of Gaick near Kingussie in Invernesshire. His widely reproduced images of British wildlife with their evocative and dramatic backgrounds, are enjoyed as much today as they were by sportsmen and birdlovers of a century ago.
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