Ford Madox Brown

English painter, 1821-1893
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Ford Madox Brown oil paintings
Alma Tadema Sir Lawrence From An Absent One
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35239
Chaucer at the Court of Edward
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35240
The Last of England by Ford Madox Brown
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35241
Elijah Restoring The Widows Son
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35242
Head of a Page Boy
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35243
May Memories
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35244
The Bromley Children
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35245
The Pretty Baa Lambs
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35246
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35247
Christ washing
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35248
Don Juan Discovered by Haydee
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35249
Romeo and Juliet
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35250
The Coat of Many Colors
Ford Madox Brown
Item ID:35251
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Ford Madox Brown (16 April 1821 – 6 October 1893) was an English painter of moral and historical subjects, notable for his distinctively graphic and often Hogarthian version of the Pre-Raphaelite style. Brown was born in Calais and studied art in Antwerp under Egide Charles Gustave Wappers. In 1843 he submitted work to the Westminster Cartoon Competition, for compositions to decorate the new Palace of Westminster. He was not successful. His early works were, however, greatly admired by the young Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who asked him to become his tutor. Through Rossetti, Brown came into contact with the artists who went on to form the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB). Though closely linked to them, he was never actually a member of the brotherhood itself. Nevertheless, he remained close to Rossetti, with whom he also joined William Morris's design company, Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co., in 1861. Brown was also the main organiser of the Hogarth Club, a short lived replacement for the PRB which existed between 1858 and 1861.
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