Juan De Valdes Leal

Spanish Baroque Era Painter, 1622-1690
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Juan De Valdes Leal oil paintings
Assumption Of The Virgin
Juan De Valdes Leal
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Carrying The Cross
Juan De Valdes Leal
Item ID:42569
Finis Gloriae Mundi
Juan De Valdes Leal
Item ID:42570
In Ictu Oculi
Juan De Valdes Leal
Item ID:42571
Miracle Of St Ildefonsus
Juan De Valdes Leal
Item ID:42572
St Jerome
Juan De Valdes Leal
Item ID:42573
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Juan de Valdés Leal (4 May 1622 - 1690) was a Spanish painter of the Baroque era. He was born at Seville in 1622, and distinguished himself as a painter, sculptor, and architect. He worked for a time under Antonio del Castillo. Among his works are a History of the Prophet Elias for the church of the Carmelites; a Martyrdom of St. Andrew for the church of San Francesco at Córdoba; and a Triumph of the Cross for la Caridad at Seville. He was one of the founders of the Seville Academy along with his friend, Bartolome Esteban Murillo. He died at Seville. His wife (daughter of Antonio Palomino), Isabella Carasquilla, was also a painter. She died at Seville as late as 1730. Their children were artists, including Lucas, Juan, Maria, and Laura de Valdés. His daughters specialized in portrait miniatures. Maria died a nun in the Cistercian Convent at Seville, in 1730.
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