Pierre Edouard Frere

French painter, 1819-1886
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Pierre Edouard Frere oil paintings
A Good Story
Pierre Edouard Frere
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Babys First Steps
Pierre Edouard Frere
Item ID:34291
Getting Up
Pierre Edouard Frere
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Lighting The Stove
Pierre Edouard Frere
Item ID:34293
Worn Through
Pierre Edouard Frere
Item ID:34294
Young Soldiers
Pierre Edouard Frere
Item ID:34295
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Pierre Edouard Frère (1819-1886), French painter, studied under Hippolyte Delaroche, entered the école des Beaux-Arts in 1836 and exhibited first at the Salon in 1843. The marked sentimental tendency of his art makes us wonder at John Ruskin's enthusiastic eulogy which finds in Frere's work the depth of William Wordsworth, the grace of Joshua Reynolds, and the holiness of Fra Angelico. What we can admire in his work is his accomplished craftsmanship and the intimacy and tender homeliness of his conception. Among his chief works are the two paintings, Going to School and Coming from School, The Little Glutton (his first exhibited picture) and L'Exercice (in the 19th century this work was in John Jacob Astor's collection). A journey to Egypt in 1860 resulted in a small series of Orientalist subjects, but the majority of Frere's paintings deal with the life of the kitchen, the workshop, the dwellings of the humble, and mainly with the pleasures and little troubles of the young, which the artist brings before us with humor and sympathy. He was one of the most popular painters of domestic genre in the middle of the 19th century.
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