Sanford Robinson Gifford

American landscape painter, 1823-1880
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Sanford Robinson Gifford oil paintings
Bass Fishing, No Man's Land
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38899
In the Wilderness, Twilight
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38900
Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38901
Lake Scene
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38902
Manchester Beach
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38903
On the Nile, Gebel Shekh Hereedee
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38904
On the Nile
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38905
Stelvio Road by Lago di Como
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38906
Sunrise, Long Branch, New Jersey
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38907
The Catskills from Hudson
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38908
The Road by the Sea, near Palermo, Sicily
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38909
A Gorge In The Mountains
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38910
October in the Catskills
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Item ID:38911
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Sanford Robinson Gifford (July 10, 1823 - August 29, 1880) was an American landscape painter and one of the leading members of the Hudson River School. Gifford's landscapes are known for their emphasis on light and soft atmospheric effects, and he is regarded as a practitioner of Luminism, an offshoot style of the Hudson River School. Not to be confused with artist Robert Swain Gifford (1840-1905), no apparent relation. Gifford was born in Greenfield, New York and spent his childhood in Hudson, New York, the son of an iron foundry owner. He attended Brown University 1842-44 before leaving to study art in New York City in 1845. He studied drawing, perspective and anatomy under the direction of the British watercolorist and drawing-master, John R. Smith. He also studied the human figure in anatomy classes at the Crosby Street Medical college and took drawing classes at the National Academy of Design. By 1847 he was sufficiently skilled at painting to exhibit his first landscape at the National Academy and was elected an associate in 1851, an academician in 1854. Thereafter Gifford devoted himself to landscape painting, becoming one of the finest artists of the early Hudson River School.
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