Valerio Castello

Italian painter, 1624-1659
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Valerio Castello oil paintings
Holy Family with an Angel
Valerio Castello
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Moses Striking the Rock
Valerio Castello
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Rebecca at the Well
Valerio Castello
Item ID:51660
The Miracle of the Roses
Valerio Castello
Item ID:51661
The Virgin of the Compote-dish
Valerio Castello
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Valerio Castello (1624 - October 1659) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. He was very active during his short life in Genoa. He was the youngest son of Bernardo Castello, who died when Valerio was six year old. Valerio and his brothers were attached to the noble family of Torquato, and while he had been intended to study a literate profession, he showed an affinity to drawing. This was noted by his patrons, who arranged his apprenticeship with Domenico Fiasella. He arranged to travel to Milan with Agostino Merano, the sibling of Giovanni Battista Merano, where he admired the work of Camillo Proccacini. From there, he traveled to Parma. He excelled in painting battle-scenes. He was also quite prolific within Genoa during his short life. He painted the Rape of the Sabines, now in the Palazzo Brignole, Genoa, and decorated the cupola of the Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato in the same city. For the house of Francesco Maria Balbi, he collaborated with the quadraturista from Bologna, Andrea Sghizzi to fresco the palace. In his works he is regarded by his admirers as combining the fire of Tintoretto with the general style of Paolo Veronese. Castello influenced the work of young Domenico Piola. Among his pupils were Bartolomeo Biscaino, Giovanni Paolo Cervetto, and Stefano Magnasco.
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