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Thomas Gainsborough : Girl with Pigs

Total Paintings:80

Thomas Hill : A View of Yosemite Valley

Total Paintings:44

Thomas Luny : Battle of the Nile, August 1st 1798

Total Paintings:5

Thomas Moran : A Long Island River

Total Paintings:24

Thomas Pollock Anschutz : A Challenge

Total Paintings:29

Thomas Sidney Cooper : A Cow And Sheep On The Cliffs

Total Paintings:26

Thomas Sully : Daniel de la Motte

Total Paintings:5

Thomas Waterman Wood : Neglecting Trade

Total Paintings:6

Titian : Saint Sebastian

Total Paintings:99

Tom Roberts : A Break Away

Total Paintings:9

Trophime Bigot : A Doctor Examining Urine

Total Paintings:5

William Trost Richards : A Storm

Total Paintings:28

Total:94, Page 3 of 3