Eugene Boudin

French landscape painter, 1824-1898
Eugene Boudin


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Eugene Boudin oil paintings
Eugene Boudin : A Canal near Brussels
50655-Boudin, Eugene-A Canal near Brussels.jpg
Eugene Boudin : A Corner of the Deauville Basin
50656-Boudin, Eugene-A Corner of the Deauville Basin.jpg
Eugene Boudin : A Gusty Northwest Wind at Antibes
50657-Boudin, Eugene-A Gusty Northwest Wind at Antibes.jpg
Eugene Boudin : A Nanny on the Beach
50658-Boudin, Eugene-A Nanny on the Beach.jpg
Eugene Boudin : A Pasture on the Banks of the Touques
50659-Boudin, Eugene-A Pasture on the Banks of the Touques.jpg
Eugene Boudin : A River near d'Abbeville
50660-Boudin, Eugene-A River near d'Abbeville.jpg
Eugene Boudin : A Small Canal in Venice
50661-Boudin, Eugene-A Small Canal in Venice.jpg
Eugene Boudin : A Squall from Northwest
50662-Boudin, Eugene-A Squall from Northwest.jpg
Eugene Boudin : A Three Masted Ship in Port
50663-Boudin, Eugene-A Three Masted Ship in Port.jpg
Eugene Boudin : A Walk on the Beach
50664-Boudin, Eugene-A Walk on the Beach.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Abbeville, Street and the Church of Saint-Folfran
50665-Boudin, Eugene-Abbeville, Street and the Church of Saint-Folfran.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Abbeville, Street and the Church of Saint-Vulfran
50666-Boudin, Eugene-Abbeville, Street and the Church of Saint-Vulfran.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Antibes, Fort Carre
50667-Boudin, Eugene-Antibes, Fort Carre.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Antibes, the Fortifications
50668-Boudin, Eugene-Antibes, the Fortifications.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Antibes, the Point of the Islet
50669-Boudin, Eugene-Antibes, the Point of the Islet.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Antibes, Vue pris de la salis
50670-Boudin, Eugene-Antibes, Vue pris de la salis.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Anvers, Boats on the Ecaut
50671-Boudin, Eugene-Anvers, Boats on the Ecaut.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Anvers, Boats on the River Scheldt
50672-Boudin, Eugene-Anvers, Boats on the River Scheldt.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Anvers, Fishing Boats
50673-Boudin, Eugene-Anvers, Fishing Boats.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Anvers, la tete de Flanders
50674-Boudin, Eugene-Anvers, la tete de Flanders.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Anvers, The Port
50675-Boudin, Eugene-Anvers, The Port.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Anvers, the Scheldt
50676-Boudin, Eugene-Anvers, the Scheldt.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Barges on the Canal, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme
50677-Boudin, Eugene-Barges on the Canal, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Bathers on the Beach at Trouville
50678-Boudin, Eugene-Bathers on the Beach at Trouville.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Bay of Plougastel
50679-Boudin, Eugene-Bay of Plougastel.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach at Trouville
50680-Boudin, Eugene-Beach at Trouville.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach near Trouville
50681-Boudin, Eugene-Beach near Trouville.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene

ID:50682 Beach Scene

50682-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene II
50683-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene III
50684-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene IV
50685-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene V

ID:50686 Beach Scene V

50686-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene VI
50687-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene at Trouville, Evening
50688-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene at Trouville, Evening.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene, Deauville
50689-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene, Deauville.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene, the Yellow Parasol
50690-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene, the Yellow Parasol.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beach Scene, Trouville
50691-Boudin, Eugene-Beach Scene, Trouville.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Beached Boats

ID:50692 Beached Boats

50692-Boudin, Eugene-Beached Boats.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Belgique, L'Escaut, Tournant
50693-Boudin, Eugene-Belgique, L'Escaut, Tournant.jpg
Eugene Boudin : Berck, Fishermen at Low Tide
50694-Boudin, Eugene-Berck, Fishermen at Low Tide.jpg
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Eugene Boudin (12 July 1824 - 8 August 1898) was one of the first French landscape painters to paint outdoors. Boudin was a marine painter, and expert in the rendering of all that goes upon the sea and along its shores. His pastels, summary and economic, garnered the splendid eulogy of Baudelaire, and Corot who, gazing at his pictures, said to him, "You are the master of the sky."
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