Frank Bernard Dicksee

English Victorian painter, 1853-1928
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Frank Bernard Dicksee oil paintings
An Offering
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34040
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34041
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34042
La Belle Dam Sans Merci
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34043
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34044
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34045
Portrait of Elsa
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34046
Romeo and Juliet
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34047
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34048
The Mirror
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:34049
Portrait of the Artist's Niece Dorothy
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:35609
Sylvia detail
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:35610
The End of the Quest
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:35611
Thomas Francis Cleopatra
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:35612
Victory A Knight Being Crowned With A Laurel Wreath
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:35613
Frank Bernard Dicksee
Item ID:37302
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Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee KCVO (b. London, November 27, 1853 - October 17, 1928) was an English Victorian painter and illustrator, best known for his pictures of dramatic historical and legendary scenes. He also was a noted painter of portraits of fashionable women, which helped to bring him success in his own time. Although not a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood many of Dicksee's paintings can be considered Pre-Raphaelite in style. Dicksee's father, Thomas Dicksee, was a painter who taught Frank as well as his brother Herbert and his sister Margaret from a young age. Dicksee enrolled in the Royal Academy in 1870 and achieved early success. He was elected to the Academy in 1891 and became its President in 1924. He was knighted in 1925, and named to the Royal Victorian Order by King George V in 1927. Dicksee painted the piece 'The Funeral of a Viking' in 1893, which now resides in Manchester City Art Gallery, having been there since 1928 when it was presented by Arthur Burton ESQ in memory of his mother to the Corporation of Manchester. Victorian critics gave it both positive and negative reviews, for its perfection as a showpiece and for its dramatic and somewhat staged setting, respectively. The painting was used by Swedish Viking/Black metal band Bathory for the cover of their 1990 album, Hammerheart.
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