Giuseppe Cesari

Italian, 1568-1640
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Giuseppe Cesari oil paintings
Diana And Actaeon
Giuseppe Cesari
Item ID:39183
Diana And Actaeon detail
Giuseppe Cesari
Item ID:39184
Diana And Actaeon detail II
Giuseppe Cesari
Item ID:39185
Judith With The Head Of Holofernes
Giuseppe Cesari
Item ID:39186
The Annuciation
Giuseppe Cesari
Item ID:39188
The Betrayal Of Christ
Giuseppe Cesari
Item ID:39189
The Mocking Of Christ
Giuseppe Cesari
Item ID:39190
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Giuseppe Cesari (c. 1568 - July 3, 1640) was an Italian Mannerist painter, also named Il Giuseppino and called Cavaliere d'Arpino, because he was created Cavaliere di Cristo by his patron Pope Clement VIII. He was much patronized in Rome by both Sixtus V. Cesari's father had been a native of Arpino, but Giuseppe himself was born in Rome. Here, he was apprenticed to Niccolò Pomarancio. Cesari is stigmatized by Lanzi, as not less the corrupter of taste in painting than Marino was in poetry. (Lanzi disdained the style of post-Michelangelo Mannerism as a time of decline). He was a man of touchy and irascible character, and rose from penury to the height of opulence. His brother Bernardino Cesari assisted in many of his works. Cesari became a member of the Accademia di San Luca in 1585. In 1607, he was briefly jailed by the new papal administration. He died in 1640, at the age of seventy-two, or perhaps of eighty, at Rome. His only direct followers were his sons Muzio (1619-1676) and Bernardino (d. 1703). Pier Francesco Mola (1612-66) apprenticed in his studio. Other pupils include Francesco Allegrini da Gubbio, Guido Ubaldo Abatini, Vincenzo Manenti, and Bernardino Parasole. His most notable and perhaps surprising pupil was Caravaggio. In c. 1593-94, Caravaggio held a job at Cesari's studio as a painter of flowers and fruit.
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