Guy Carleton Wiggins

American Impressionist Painter, 1883 - 1962
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Guy Carleton Wiggins oil paintings
city hall park ny framed
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31345
a winter night in new york
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31346
winter at the plaza
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31347
washingtons birthday on wall street wm
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31348
winter on the avenue at 42nd street
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31349
Fifth Avenue At Madison Square
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31350
Mid-Town Storm
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31351
Trinity Church, Wall Street
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31352
Winter, New York
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31353
Winter's Day, Fifth Avenue
Guy Carleton Wiggins
Item ID:31354
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Guy C. Wiggins was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1883 and then traveled to England with his family as a boy where he received his early education. He was the son of Carleton Wiggins, an American painter in the Barbizon style who studied with George Inness and admired Anton Mauve and Dwight Tryon. The Wiggins family had been early and regular visitors to the Old Lyme Colony, and by 1915 Carlton Wiggins had settled in Lyme permanently. He became active in the Lyme Art Association and in the social life of Old Lyme. Carleton Wiggins' palette had brightened under the influence of Old Lyme Impressionism, but in general his work remained tonal and his subjects were truly pastoral, his paintings often of sheep in a meadow.
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