Jacopo Da Pontormo

Italy, 1494-1557
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Jacopo Da Pontormo oil paintings
Episode from Hospital Life
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28678
Joseph being Sold to Potiphar
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28679
Punishment of the Baker
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28680
Joseph in Egypt
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28681
Study for The Visitation
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28682
The Visitation
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28683
Lady with a Basket of Spindles, approx
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28684
Portrait of Maria Salviati
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28685
Madonna and Child with St
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28686
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28687
Saint Matthew
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28688
The Meal in Emmaus
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:28689
Leda And The Swan
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:40883
Madonna And Child With Saints
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:40884
Madonna And Child With St Anne And Other saints
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:40885
Madonna And Child With Two Saints
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:40886
Sacra Conversazione
Jacopo Da Pontormo
Item ID:40887
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Jacopo da Pontormo, real name Jacopo Carucci, was an Italian painter, born in Pontormo, who worked chiefly in Florence. He was initially influenced by the styles of Piero di Cosimo and Leonardo da Vinci and of Andrea del Sarto, whom he assisted. These influences shaped Pontormo's early works. From 1518 on, Pontormo did much work for the Medici, including frescoes for their villa at Poggio a Caiano from about 1519 to about 1521 and, later, for their family church, San Lorenzo. Pontormo's style was marked by elongated forms, heightened emotion, and tension between figures and space. Among his Mannerist works are Joseph in Egypt (1518?, National Gallery, London), Holy Family with Saints (1518?, San Michele Visdomini, Florence), and the Deposition. He also did portraits, such as Alessandro de Medici (1525?, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Lucca).
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