Sebastiano Del Piombo

Italy, 1485 - 1547
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Sebastiano Del Piombo oil paintings
The Death of Adonis
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28641
Salome with the Head of John the Baptist
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28642
St. Louis of Toulouse and St. Romuald
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28643
Portrait of Ferry Carondelet and his Secretaries
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28644
La Fornarina
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28645
Portrait of a Man in Armor
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28646
Portrait of a Young Woman called  Dorotea
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28647
The Martyrdom of St. Agatha
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28648
The Descent of Christ into Limbo
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28650
Jesus Carrying the Cross
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28651
The Raising of Lazarus
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28652
The Visitation
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28653
The Virgin and Child with Saints and a Donor
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28654
Portrait of a Humanist
Sebastiano Del Piombo
Item ID:28655
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byname of Sebastiano Luciani (c. 1485, Venice [Italy]. July 21,1547, Rome, Papal States [now in Italy]), Italian painter who tried to combine the rich colours of the Venetian school with the monumental form of the Roman school. While he was in Venice, Sebastiano was a pupil of Giorgione, whose influence is apparent in his work. (1510; National Gallery, London). In 1511 Sebastiano went to Rome, where the Sienese banker Agostino Chigi had engaged him to decorate his newly built Villa Farnesina. Shortly after completing this commission, Sebastiano settled permanently in Rome, where he became a member of Raphael's circle of artists andsoon showed himself to be a notable portraitist. About 1515 Sebastiano came under the influence of Michelangelo and began collaborating with that artist. From drawings and cartoons by Michelangelo he executed his best-known work, San Pietro in Montorio, Rome) . Michelangelo's opinion of him was so high that he thought by correcting his rather dull draftmanship, he could make Sebastiano the best painter in Rome. In his Roman work Sebastiano combined the warm colouring of the Venetian school with the anatomical clarity and firm sculptural drawing probably resulting from his association with Michelangelo. From 1519 to 1530 Sebastiano had an unparalleled reputation in Rome as a portraitist. In 1531 Pope Clement VII bestowed upon Sebastiano the lucrative post of keeper of the papal seal. During the last 17 years of his life this economic security seems to have been a significant contributing factorin Sebastiano's limited production of pictures.
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