Philips Koninck

Dutch landscape painter, 1619-1688
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Philips Koninck oil paintings
An Extensive Landscape With A Hawking Party
Philips Koninck
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Dutch Landscape Viewed From The Dunes
Philips Koninck
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Joost Van Den Vondel
Philips Koninck
Item ID:46635
Panorama View Of Dunes And A River
Philips Koninck
Item ID:46636
Village On A Hill
Philips Koninck
Item ID:46637
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Philips Koninck, or Philip de Koninck (5 November 1619, Amsterdam - buried 4 October 1688, Amsterdam) was a Dutch landscape painter. Little is known of his history except that he was said to be a pupil of Rembrandt, whose influence is to be seen in much of his work. He painted chiefly broad, sunny landscapes, full of space, light and atmosphere; they are seen from a high perspective, allowing a prominent view of the sky. Portraits by him, somewhat in the manner of Rembrandt, also exist (e.g. see Joost van den Vondel); there are examples of these in the galleries at Copenhagen and Oslo. Of his landscapes, the principal are View at the mouth of a river at the Hague, with a slightly larger replica in the National Gallery, London; Woodland border and countryside (with figures by Adriaen van de Velde) at Amsterdam; and landscapes in Brussels, Florence (the Uffizi), Berlin and Cologne. Koninck, a prosperous businessman, appears to have painted few pictures during the last decade of his life.
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