Robert Campin

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Robert Campin oil paintings
Robert Campin
Item ID:52242
Blessing Christ and Praying Virgin
Robert Campin
Item ID:52243
Holy Trinity
Robert Campin
Item ID:52244
Madonna with the Child
Robert Campin
Item ID:52245
Merode Altarpiece
Robert Campin
Item ID:52246
Portrait of a Fat Man
Robert Campin
Item ID:52247
Portrait of a Man
Robert Campin
Item ID:52248
Portrait of a Woman
Robert Campin
Item ID:52249
St Veronica
Robert Campin
Item ID:52250
The Crucified Thief
Robert Campin
Item ID:52251
The Holy Trinity
Robert Campin
Item ID:52252
The Marriage of Mary
Robert Campin
Item ID:52253
The Nativity
Robert Campin
Item ID:52254
The Virgin and Child before a Firescreen
Robert Campin
Item ID:52255
The Werl Altarpiece, left wing
Robert Campin
Item ID:52256
The Werl Altarpiece, right wing
Robert Campin
Item ID:52257
Virgin and Child in an Interior
Robert Campin
Item ID:52258
Virgin and Child
Robert Campin
Item ID:52259
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Robert Campin (c. 1375 - 26 April 1444), now usually identified as the artist known as the Master of Flemalle, is usually considered the first great master of Early Netherlandish painting. This had been a matter of controversy for decades; Campin's life is relatively well documented for the period, but no works in assessable condition could be securely connected with him, whilst a corpus of work had been attached to the unidentified "Master of Flemalle", named after the supposed origin of a work.
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