Simon De Vlieger

Dutch, 1601-1653
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Simon De Vlieger oil paintings
A Dutch Ferry Boat Before a Breeze
Simon De Vlieger
Item ID:49304
Arrival of William of Orange in Rotterdam
Simon De Vlieger
Item ID:49306
Beach near Scheveningen with Fish-Sellers
Simon De Vlieger
Item ID:49307
Coastal Scene
Simon De Vlieger
Item ID:49308
Landscape with River and Trees
Simon De Vlieger
Item ID:49309
Seascape in the Morning
Simon De Vlieger
Item ID:49310
The Fisherman
Simon De Vlieger
Item ID:49311
Visit of Frederick Hendriks II to Dordrecht
Simon De Vlieger
Item ID:49312
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Simon de Vlieger (c. 1601, Rotterdam - buried 13 March 1653, Weesp) was a Dutch designer, draughtsman, and painter, most famous for his marine paintings. Born in Rotterdam, de Vlieger moved in 1634 to Delft, where he joined the Guild of Saint Luke, and then to Amsterdam in 1638, though he maintained a house in Rotterdam until 1650 when he moved to Weesp, a small town on the outskirts of Amsterdam. In the 1630s and 1640s he was one of the best-known Dutch maritime painters. He moved away from the monochrome style of Jan Porcellis and Willem van de Velde, the elder towards a more realistic use of colour, with highly detailed and accurate representations of rigging and ship construction. He painted ships in harbour and at sea as well as storms and shipwrecks.
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