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Frank Cadogan Cowper : Molly Duchess Of Nona

Total Paintings:19

Frank Duveneck : Beachwoods at Polling

Total Paintings:43

Frank Holl : The Convalescent

Total Paintings:4

Frank Moss Bennett : An Amusing Game

Total Paintings:6

Frans Floris : Banquet of the Gods

Total Paintings:3

Frans Hals : Willem Croes (detail)

Total Paintings:82

Frans Snyders : Concert Of Birds

Total Paintings:18

Frans The Younger Francken : Abraham Govaerts The Five Senses

Total Paintings:13

Frans The Younger Pourbus : Archdukes Albert and Isabella

Total Paintings:22

Frans Van Mieris The Elder : A Meal of Oysters

Total Paintings:13

Frantisek Kupka : Boudoir scene

Total Paintings:48

Franz Dvorak : At The Races

Total Paintings:3

Franz Marc : Rehe im Walde

Total Paintings:71

Franz Richard Unterberger : A View in Venice

Total Paintings:27

Franz Theodor Aerni : Rue du Marche

Total Paintings:1


Total Paintings:9

Franz Von Lenbach : anna schubart

Total Paintings:17

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt : Messina Antonello Da Annunciation

Total Paintings:1

Franz Xavier Winterhalter : A Full-Length Portrait of H.R.H Princess Marie

Total Paintings:67

Fray Juan Bautista Maino : Adoration of the Kings

Total Paintings:6

Frederic Bazille : The Pink Dress (View of Castelnau-le-Lez, Herault)

Total Paintings:27

Frederic Edwin Church : Aurora Borealis

Total Paintings:30

Frederic Henri Schopin : A Plea For Absolution

Total Paintings:4

Frederic Remington : A Breed

Total Paintings:32

Frederic Soulacroix : After the Concert

Total Paintings:14

Frederick Arthur Bridgman : A Street in Algeria

Total Paintings:55

Frederick Carl Frieseke : The Mother

Total Paintings:37

Frederick Goodall : Already He Knew God As His Father

Total Paintings:9

Frederick Gowland Hopkins : A Game of Patience

Total Paintings:5

Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer : A Day At The Carnival

Total Paintings:17

Frederick Morgan : A Day On The River

Total Paintings:23

Frederick Tudgay : Southern Rights

Total Paintings:2

Frederick Waters Watts : A Mill Stream Among The Hills

Total Paintings:9

Frederick William Hulme : Hulme Frederick William A Wayside Conversation

Total Paintings:10

Frederik Marianus Kruseman : A Winterlandscape With A Horserider On A Track Passing A Farmhouse

Total Paintings:12

Frida Kahlo : Self-Portrait

Total Paintings:28

Friedrich Gauermann : Almabtrieb

Total Paintings:4

Friedrich Otto Gebler : Schafe Eine Vogelscheuche Betrachtend

Total Paintings:3

Total:166, Page 3 of 5