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Samuel Van Hoogstraten : A Man Looking Through a Window

Total Paintings:10

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer : Dignity and Impudence

Total Paintings:14

Sir Henry Raeburn : Captain Patrick Miller

Total Paintings:17

Sir Hubert Von Herkomer : A Young Girl And Her Dog

Total Paintings:4

Thomas Hill : A View of Yosemite Valley

Total Paintings:44

Victor Pierre Huguet : Arab Encampment

Total Paintings:4

Vilhelm Hammershoi : Dust Motes Dancing in the Sunbeams

Total Paintings:54

Walter Howell Deverell : a pet

Total Paintings:4

Walter Hunt : Calves Watering

Total Paintings:4

Willem Claesz Heda : Breakfast of Crab

Total Paintings:13

William Henry Hunt : Still Life With A Jug A Cabbage In A Basket And A Gherkin

Total Paintings:5

William Henry Knight : mr gilpin on his favorite hack with greyhounds

Total Paintings:3

William Henry Midwood : In Disgrace

Total Paintings:4

William Hogarth : Self Portrait at the Easel

Total Paintings:18

William Holbrook Beard : Graphic Self-Portrait in the Studio

Total Paintings:2

William Holman Hunt : The Scapegoat

Total Paintings:28

William Holmes Sullivan : Awaiting A Harp

Total Paintings:4

William Lee Hankey RWS : Bringing In Fish Dieppe

Total Paintings:5

William Michael Harnett : A Mans-Talbe Reversed

Total Paintings:46

William Morris Hunt : Charles Sumner

Total Paintings:10

William Stanley Haseltine : A Calm Sea Mentone

Total Paintings:49

William Stanley Hazeltine : Cascade

Total Paintings:4

Winslow Homer : Breezing Up aka A Fair Wind

Total Paintings:559

Total:143, Page 4 of 4