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Giovanni Paolo Pannini : Apostle Paul Preaching On The Ruins

Total Paintings:6

Harold Piffard : At the Colosseum

Total Paintings:4

Hendrick Gerritsz Pot : Flora's Wagon of Fools

Total Paintings:6

Henri Pierre Picou : angel of love

Total Paintings:6

Henry Hillier Parker : Cattle Watering on a Riverbank

Total Paintings:3

Henry Picou : A May Round

Total Paintings:5

Howard Pyle : Attack on a Galleon

Total Paintings:6

Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench : Autorretrato

Total Paintings:12

Il Vecchio Palma Jacopo : A Sibyl

Total Paintings:7

Jacopo Da Pontormo : Episode from Hospital Life

Total Paintings:17

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau : Madame de Sorquainville

Total Paintings:3

Jean-Paul Laurens : Autoportrait

Total Paintings:24

Joachim Patinir : Baptism Of Christ

Total Paintings:7

Johann Peter Krafft : Franz Xaver Richter Von Binnenthal

Total Paintings:4

Jose Julio De Souza-Pinto : La Baignade

Total Paintings:4

Leon Bazile Perrault : A Mother with her Sleeping Child

Total Paintings:19

Levi Wells Prentice : Apples tumbling from a basket

Total Paintings:6

Mattia Preti : Christ In Glory

Total Paintings:13

Maurice Brazil Prendergast : Along the Seine

Total Paintings:174

Maxfield Parrish : Lady Ursula Kneeling before Pompdebile

Total Paintings:136

Michael Peter Ancher : An Armful Of Mischief

Total Paintings:1

Nicolas Poussin : St. Cecilia

Total Paintings:69

Pablo Juan Salinas : After The Performance

Total Paintings:7

Pablo Picasso : Woman in an Armchair

Total Paintings:319

Paolo Sala : The Pretty Maid

Total Paintings:4

Paolo Veronese : St Nicholas Named Bishop of Myra

Total Paintings:30

Parmigianino : Cupid

Total Paintings:11

Paul Albert Besnard : Bather with Child and Swan by the Sea

Total Paintings:8

Paul-Camille Guigou : A Bend in the Durance River

Total Paintings:37

Paul Cesar Helleu : A Family Dinner At The Ritz New York

Total Paintings:10

Paul Cezanne : The Artist's Father

Total Paintings:64

Paul Delaroche : A Child Learning to Read

Total Paintings:30

Paul Desire Trouillebert : A Cottage By A Stream

Total Paintings:14

Paul Fischer : A Day At The Beach

Total Paintings:7

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