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Jean-Baptiste Regnault : The Descent From The Cross

Total Paintings:3

Jean-Baptiste Robie : A Bouquet Of Roses And Other Flowers

Total Paintings:4

Jean Francois Raffaelli : A Sunlit Port

Total Paintings:25

Jean Richard Goubie : An Afternoon Ride

Total Paintings:5

Jose Garcia Y Ramos : Baile por Bulerias

Total Paintings:5

Joseph R DeCamp : A Murky Day

Total Paintings:40

Joshua Reynolds : Brown Boy

Total Paintings:33

Juan Ripolles : Canvas painting

Total Paintings:26

Julio Romero De Torres : Retrato de joven

Total Paintings:59

Jusepe De Ribera : Allegory of Touch

Total Paintings:27

Leon Richet : A River Landscape

Total Paintings:6

Luis Ricardo Falero : A Fairy Under Starry Skies

Total Paintings:12

Manuel Garcia Y Rodriguez : A Mediterranean Village

Total Paintings:7

Mari Fe Romero Campo : Jarron Con Tulipanes

Total Paintings:21

Marinus Van Reymerswaele : Money-Changer and his Wife

Total Paintings:6

Martin Rico Y Ortega : A Venetian Afternoon

Total Paintings:11

Norman Rockwell : Abraham Delivering the Gettysburg Address

Total Paintings:23

Odilon Redon : The Winged Man (The Fallen Angel)

Total Paintings:34

Oliver Rhys : A Seated Muse

Total Paintings:4

Peter Paul Rubens : Garden of Love

Total Paintings:120

Pierre Auguste Renoir : Dance in the City

Total Paintings:1032

Rachel Ruysch : A Vase of Flowers

Total Paintings:4

Ramon Bayeu : Graphic Boy with Guitar

Total Paintings:1

Raphael : Portrait

Total Paintings:118

Raphael Von Ambros : The Watermelon Seller

Total Paintings:2

RBA Wheelwright : Enid And Geraint

Total Paintings:3

Rembrandt : Biblical Scene

Total Paintings:134

Remigius Van Haanen : A River Landscape

Total Paintings:3

Rene Magritte : Primevere

Total Paintings:392

Richard Ansdell : A Ewe with Lambs and a Heron Beside a Loch

Total Paintings:7

Richard Parkes Bonington : Landscape near Quilleboeuf

Total Paintings:28

Richard Redgrave : Strayed Lambs

Total Paintings:4

Richard Thomas Moynan : Gourock Glasgow

Total Paintings:3

Ridolfo Ghirlandaio : Adoration of the Shepherds

Total Paintings:4

Robert Alott : A Market In Italy

Total Paintings:1

Robert Campin : Annunciation

Total Paintings:18

Robert Salmon : A Frigate of the Baltic Fleet off Greenock

Total Paintings:9

Robert Tournieres : Count Ferdinand Adolf von Plettenberg and his Family

Total Paintings:2

Total:105, Page 2 of 3