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David Teniers The Younger : A Festival Of Monkeys

Total Paintings:25

Eduardo Zamacois Y Zabala : A Momentary Diversion

Total Paintings:6

Frans The Younger Francken : Abraham Govaerts The Five Senses

Total Paintings:13

Frans The Younger Pourbus : Archdukes Albert and Isabella

Total Paintings:22

Hans The Younger Holbein : self portrait

Total Paintings:40

Henry John Yeend King : Faggot Gatherers On A Path

Total Paintings:6

Joaquin Sorolla Y Bastida : A Portrait Of Basil Mundy

Total Paintings:190

Jose Benlliure Y Gil : A Carnival In Rome

Total Paintings:19

Jose Cusachs Y Cusachs : A Portrait Of Alfonso III On Horseback

Total Paintings:4

Jose Garcia Y Ramos : Baile por Bulerias

Total Paintings:5

Jose Villegas Y Cordero : A Good Plan

Total Paintings:5

Manuel Garcia Y Rodriguez : A Mediterranean Village

Total Paintings:7

Martin Rico Y Ortega : A Venetian Afternoon

Total Paintings:11

William Frederick Yeames : The Path Of Roses

Total Paintings:3

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