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Charles Theodore Frere : A Market Place, Cairo

Total Paintings:12

Charles Victor Thirion : At The Spring

Total Paintings:9

Charles Zacharie Landelle : A Quick Rest by the Fountain

Total Paintings:14

Claude Joseph Bail : A Boy with dogs and Kittens

Total Paintings:17

Claude Lorrain : Embarkation of St Paula Romana at Ostia

Total Paintings:40

Claude Oscar Monet : Jeanne-Marguerite Lecadre in the Garden

Total Paintings:1032

Constant Troyon : Approaching Storm

Total Paintings:6

Delphin Enjolras : A nude by firelight

Total Paintings:10

Edgar Degas : Cafe Concert Singer

Total Paintings:536

Edmond Francois Aman-Jean : Miss Ella Carmichael

Total Paintings:8

Edouard Cortes : Arc de Triomphe, Avenue Friedland

Total Paintings:139

Edouard Detaille : A French Cavalry Officer Guarding Captured Bavarian Soldiers

Total Paintings:11

Edouard Manet : Autumn (Study of Mery Laurent)

Total Paintings:101

Emile Friant : Chagrin dEnfant

Total Paintings:14

Emile Levy : Death of Orpheus

Total Paintings:6

Emile Munier : essai de leau

Total Paintings:27

Emile Vernon : A Woodland Maiden

Total Paintings:24

Etienne Adolphe Piot : A Blonde Beauty Holding a Book

Total Paintings:12

Eugene-Alexis Girardet : Camel Train By An Oasis At Dawn

Total Paintings:7

Eugene Boudin : A Canal near Brussels

Total Paintings:548

Eugene Delacroix : Women of Algiers in their Apartment

Total Paintings:55

Eugene Fromentin : Arab Encampment In The Atlas Mountains

Total Paintings:13

Eugene Galien-Laloue : A Busy Boulavard Under Snow

Total Paintings:20

Eugeniusz Zak : Bathing (Pastoral)

Total Paintings:23

Eustache Le Sueur : A Gathering Of Friends

Total Paintings:5

Eva Gonzales : Afternoon Tea

Total Paintings:20

Evariste Vital Luminais : Luminais

Total Paintings:3

Felix Ziem : Campement

Total Paintings:11

Ferdinand Heilbuth : Boating On The Scene

Total Paintings:8

Ferdinand Joseph Gueldry : Bords De Marne

Total Paintings:5

Ferdinand Roybet : A Cavalier

Total Paintings:9

Flameng Francois : An Evening's Entertainment For Josephine

Total Paintings:9

Francis Picabia : Two Women with Poppies

Total Paintings:59

Franck Antoine Bail : Two Milkmaids

Total Paintings:2

Francois Alfred Delobbe : A Moment of Reflection

Total Paintings:6

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