Fritz Zuber-Buhler

Swiss, 1822-1896
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Fritz Zuber-Buhler oil paintings
A Young Beauty holding a Bouquet of Flowers
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30916
Dressing Up
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30917
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30918
The Cherry Thieves
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30919
The First Cherries
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30920
The Spring of the Morning
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30921
The Third Thursday in Lent
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30922
Tickling the Baby
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30923
Young Girl Holding a Doll
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30924
Jeune Fille au Bouquet de Fleurs des Champs
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30925
Portrait of a Young Girl
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30926
A Reclining Beauty
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30927
Fritz Zuber-Buhler
Item ID:30928
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Fritz Zuber-Buhler was born in 1822 in Le Locle, Switzerland, but moved to Paris at the age of sixteen to begin his training with Louis Grosclaude before officially entering the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the atelier of Francois-Edouard Picot. It was Picot who had created an entire artistic lineage of painters schooled in the academic style and tradition, as he himself was an academic painter originally trained under Jacques Louis David. The teacher of not only Zuber-Buhler, but also Zuber-Buhler’s contemporaries such as Bouguereau, Alexandre Cabanel, Léon Perrault, among many others, Picot continued the principles of the academic tradition by passing them on to his many students, who equally became academic-style painters.
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