Walter Langley

British, 1852 - 1922
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Walter Langley oil paintings
At Evening Time It Shall Be Light
Walter Langley
Item ID:30979
Between The Tides
Walter Langley
Item ID:30980
In The Fishing Season
Walter Langley
Item ID:30981
Walter Langley
Item ID:30982
Walter Langley
Item ID:30983
The Breadwinners
Walter Langley
Item ID:30984
The New Arrival
Walter Langley
Item ID:30985
The Orphan
Walter Langley
Item ID:30986
Thoughts Far Away
Walter Langley
Item ID:30987
Waiting For The Boats
Walter Langley
Item ID:30988
When the Boats are Away
Walter Langley
Item ID:30989
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Walter Langley (June 8, 1852 – March 21, 1922) was an English painter and founder of the Newlyn School of plein air artists. Politically left wing for his era, he was noted for his social realist portrayals of working class figures, particularly fishermen and their families. Although the first to settle in the Newlyn artists' colony, Langley initially benefited little from its growing fame, partly because of his working class origins and partly because until 1892 he painted largely in watercolour rather than the more prestigious medium of oils. Later in his career his reputation grew. One of Langley's paintings was singled out as "a beautiful and true work of art" by Leo Tolstoy in his book What is Art?, while in 1895 Langley was invited by the Uffizi to contribute a self portrait to hang alongside those of Raphael, Rubens and Rembrandt in their collection of portraits of great artists. Today his work is considered "vital to the image of the Newlyn School" and "alongside Stanhope Forbes ... the most consistent in style and substantial in output".
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