Jacques-Laurent Agasse

Switzerland animal and landscape painter, 1767-1849
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Jacques-Laurent Agasse oil paintings
The Nubian Giraffe
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21503
The Flower Seller
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21504
Landing at Westminster Bridge
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21505
The Last Stage on the Portsmouth Road
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21506
White Horse in Pasture
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21508
Rolla and Portia
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21509
Two Hunters with a Groom
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21510
Departure to the Hunt
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21511
Two Goats
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21512
A Grey Arab Stallion In A Wooded Landscape
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21513
Lord Rivers' Roan mare In A Landscape
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21514
Inside the Stable (Stallinneres)
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21515
The Playground
Jacques-Laurent Agasse
Item ID:21516
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Jacques-Laurent Agasse (April 24, 1767 - December 27, 1849) was an animal and landscape painter from Switzerland.

Born at Geneva, Agasse studied in the public art school of that city. Before he turned twenty he went to Paris to study in veterinary school to make himself fully acquainted with the anatomy of horses and other animals. He seems to have subsequently returned to Switzerland. The Tübinger Morgenblatt (1808, p. 876) says that "Agasse, the celebrated animal painter, now in England, owed his fortune to an accident. About eight years ago, he being then in Switzerland, a rich Englishman asked him to paint his favourite dog which had died. The Englishman was so pleased with his work that he took the painter to England with him."

Nagler says that he was one of the most celebrated animal painters at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century. In Meusel's Neue Miscellaneen (viii. 1052 et seq.), he compares Agasse and Wouvermans, wholly in favour of the former. In that partial article much is said of his extreme devotion to art, of his marvelous knowledge of anatomy, of his special fondness for the English racehorses, and his excellence in depicting them. He appears first in the Academy catalogues in 1801 as the exhibitor of the 'Portrait of a Horse', and continued to exhibit more or less until 1845 (contradicting Nagler's statement that he died "about" 1806).

In the catalogues his name is given as J.L. Agasse or Agassé. The number of times Agasse changed his address confirms Redgrave's assertion that "he lived poor and died poor". The writer of the panegyric already quoted says, however, that he did not work for money, but that he was urged forward by the resistless force of natural genius.

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