Jan Mabuse

Flemish painter 1478-1532
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Jan Mabuse oil paintings
An Elderly Couple
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26537
Man with a Rosary
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26538
Adam and Eve
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26539
Virgin and Child
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26540
Adam and Eve II
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26541
The Virgin and Child
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26542
Descent from the Cross
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26543
Gossaert Thyssen Adam and Eve
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26544
Neptune and Amphitrite
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26545
Adam and Eve III
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26546
Virgin and Child II
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26547
Portrait of Baudouin of Burgundy
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26548
Agony in the Garden
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26549
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26550
Diptych of Jean Carondelet
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26551
Diptych of Jean Carondelet II
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26552
The Adoration of the Kings
Jan Mabuse
Item ID:26553
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Jan Mabuse [Mabuse(Gossaert), Jan] (c. 1478 - 1 October 1532) was the name adopted (from his birthplace, Maubeuge) by the Flemish painter Jan Gossaert; or Jennyn van Hennegouwe (Hainaut), as he called himself when he matriculated in the guild of St Luke, at Antwerp, in 1503.

Nothing is known of his early life, but his works suggest that he stood in his first period under the influence of artists to whom plastic models were familiar; and this leads to the belief that he spent his youth on the French border rather than on the banks of the Scheldt. Without the subtlety or power of Van der Weyden, he had this much in common with the great master of Tournai and Brussels, that his compositions were usually framed in architectural backgrounds.

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