Louise Abbema

French, 1858-1927
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Louise Abbema oil paintings
At the Piano
Louise Abbema
Item ID:20015
Louise Abbema
Item ID:20016
A game of croquet
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52401
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52402
Bacchante a l'oeil de boeuf
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52403
Blanche Barretta
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52404
Bouquet de fleurs
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52405
Charles Gounod
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52406
Composition florale autour d'une gravure
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52407
En attendant le maitre
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52408
Femme assise sur un rocher
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52409
Femme au medaillon fleuri
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52410
Femme au parapluie
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52411
In the flowers
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52412
Jardin fleuri
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52413
Jeanne d'Arc, incendie de reims
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52414
La cote de la vierge a fecamp
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52415
La Musique
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52416
La peinture
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52417
La plage d'Etretat
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52418
La Sorciere, acte IV, Scene 7
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52419
La terrasse du casino de fecamp
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52420
L'exposition chez M Georges Petit
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52421
Lunch in the Greenhouse
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52422
Matin d'avril
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52423
Muse de la Musique
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52424
Portrait de Mlle Samary
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52426
Portrait de Sarah Bernhardt
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52427
Portrait de Sarah Bernhardt II
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52428
Portrait of lady
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52429
Portrait of sarah bernhardt
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52430
Sarah bernhardt hunting with hounds
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52431
Souvenir de la Benedictine
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52432
The de I'apres midi
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52433
Une elegante place de la Concorde
Louise Abbema
Item ID:52434
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Louise Abbema (30 October 1853 (and not 1858, as commonly stated) - 10 July 1927) was a French painter, sculptor, and designer of the Belle Epoque.

Abbema was born in Etampes, Essonne. She began painting in her early teens, and studied under such notables of the period as Charles Joshua Chaplin, Jean-Jacques Henner and Carolus-Duran. She first received recognition for her work at age 23 when she painted a portrait of Sarah Bernhardt, her lifelong friend and possibly her lover.

She went on to paint portraits of other contemporary notables, and also painted panels and murals which adorned the Paris Town Hall, the Paris Opera House, numerous theatres including the "Theatre Sarah Bernhardt", and the "Palace of the Colonial Governor" at Dakar, Senegal.

She was a regular exhibitor at the Paris Salon, where she received an honorable mention for her panels in 1881. Abbema was also among the female artists whose works were exhibited in the Women's Building at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. A bust Sarah Bernhardt sculpted of Abbéma was also exhibited at the exposition.

Abbema specialized in oil portraits and watercolors, and many of her works showed the influence from Chinese and Japanese painters, as well as contemporary masters such as Edouard Manet. She frequently depicted flowers in her works. Among her best known works are The Seasons, April Morning, Place de la Concorde, Among the Flowers, Winter, and portraits of actress Jeanne Samary, Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil, Ferdinand de Lesseps, and Charles Garnier.

Abbema was also an accomplished printmaker, sculptor, and designer, as well as a writer who made regular contributions to the journals Gazette des Beaux-Arts and L'Art.

Among the many honors conferred upon Abbema was nomination as "Official Painter of the Third Republic." She was also awarded a bronze medal at the 1900 Exposition Universelle and in 1906 made a Chevalier of the Order of the Legion d'honneur.

Abbema died in Paris in 1927. At the end of the 20th century, as contributions by women to the arts in past centuries received more critical and historical attention, her works have been enjoying a renewed popularity.

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