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Limbourg Brothers : The Way to Calvary

Total Paintings:12

Lucas The Elder Cranach : The Crucifixion with the Converted Centurion

Total Paintings:29

Mari Fe Romero Campo : Jarron Con Tulipanes

Total Paintings:21

Mariano Fortuny : Moroccan Man

Total Paintings:3

Michele Tosini : An Allegorical Figure, Possibly A Personification Of Architecture Or Fortitude

Total Paintings:2

Monsu Desiderio : A Fantastic Architectural View

Total Paintings:5

Paul Klee : Seventeen

Total Paintings:6

Piero Della Francesca : Nativity

Total Paintings:13

Pompeo Massani : The Artist's Studio

Total Paintings:3

RBA Wheelwright : Enid And Geraint

Total Paintings:3

Ridolfo Ghirlandaio : Adoration of the Shepherds

Total Paintings:4

Robert Campin : Annunciation

Total Paintings:18

Rogier Van Der Weyden : Abegg Triptych, central

Total Paintings:80

Simone Martini : religion oil painting

Total Paintings:16

Snr George Cole : Ferreting In Surrey

Total Paintings:4

Tamara De Lempicka : Nude with Buildings

Total Paintings:51

Walter Hunt : Calves Watering

Total Paintings:4

William Frederick Yeames : The Path Of Roses

Total Paintings:3

William Whitaker : treasure

Total Paintings:49

William Zimmerman : Red headed Woodpecker

Total Paintings:27

Total:60, Page 2 of 2