Ion Andreescu

Romanian, 1850-1882
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Ion Andreescu oil paintings
Beech forest
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52850
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52851
Country road
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52852
Flowering field
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52853
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52854
Head of a young man
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52855
In the forest
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52856
In the park
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52857
Leafless forest
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52858
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52859
Mountain landscape
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52860
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52861
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52862
Peasant hut
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52863
Peasant woman with green headscarf
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52864
Peeled orange
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52865
Pink roses
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52866
Portrait of a girl
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52867
Portrait of a peasant girl
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52868
Portrait of woman in a costume
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52869
Self portrait
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52870
Self portrait II
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52871
Still life
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52872
Street from barbizon during summer time
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52873
The oak
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52874
The red scarf
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52875
The winter
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52876
untitled (view of a field)
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52877
White headscarf girl head
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52878
Winter at barbizon
Ion Andreescu
Item ID:52879
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Ion Andreescu was a Romanian painter of great renown, considered of the founders of modern Romanian painting.

Nationality: Romanian; Art Movement: Impressionism; Painting School: Barbizon school

He was born in Bucharest into a merchant's family. In 1869 he entered Theodor Aman's Fine Arts School.

By 1872 he was an instructor of drawing and calligraphy at the Bishop's School in Buzau. In 1873 he left the Bishop's School for the Tudor Vladimirescu Communal Secondary School, also in Buzau. Then, in 1875 he left the Communal Secondary School for Buzau's Craftsmanship School.

Influenced by Nicolae Grigorescu, he left Romania for Paris to further his education. In Paris, he began painting at Barbizon. His work was exhibited with the works of better known painters such as Manet, Monet and Renoir.

In 1881 he returned to Romania, ill with tuberculosis. His death followed shortly in 1882.

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