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Carlos Fernandez Iglesia : Dende a balcoada

Total Paintings:14

Felix Ivo Leicher : Saint Joseph Calasantius Before The Virgin

Total Paintings:3

George Inness : A Breezy Autumn

Total Paintings:73

Ignacio Diaz Olano : El anillo de pedida

Total Paintings:120

Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench : Autorretrato

Total Paintings:12

Il Sodoma : Allegory of Celestial Love

Total Paintings:9

Il Vecchio Palma Jacopo : A Sibyl

Total Paintings:7

Ioannis Altamouras : Boat at the beach

Total Paintings:25

Ion Andreescu : Beech forest

Total Paintings:30

Isaac Snowman : Portrait Of Rosie Snowman

Total Paintings:6

Isack Van Ostade : A Winter Scene

Total Paintings:10

Isidor Kaufmann : A Business Transaction

Total Paintings:8

Ismael Gonzalez De La Serna : Naturaleza muerta

Total Paintings:13

Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy : Self Portrait

Total Paintings:38

Ivan Shishkin : The Rye Field

Total Paintings:15

Jozef Israels : A Fishergirl On A Dunetop Overlooking The Sea

Total Paintings:9

Lucas Il Vecchio Cranach : A Prince of Saxony

Total Paintings:63

Peter Ilsted : In The Bedroom

Total Paintings:5

Vincenzo Irolli : Far Away Thoughts

Total Paintings:6

Total:23, Page 1 of 1