Anton Azbe

Slovenian, 1862-1905
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Anton Azbe oil paintings
Half nude
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53304
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53305
In a studio
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53306
Old woman with a headscarf
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53307
Portrait of a bavarian man
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53308
Portrait of a dalmatian girl
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53309
Portrait of a girl
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53310
Portrait of a girl II
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53311
Portrait of a girl III
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53312
Portrait of a man in a bow tie
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53313
Self portrait
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53314
Sitting old man nude
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53315
Study of a man
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53316
Study of a man II
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53317
The harem (sketch)
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53318
The village choir
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53319
Zamorka (black girl)
Anton Azbe
Item ID:53320
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Anton Azbe (30 May 1862 - 5 or 6 August 1905) was a Slovene realist painter and teacher of painting. Azbe, crippled since birth and orphaned at the age of 8, learned painting as an apprentice to Janez Wolf and at the Academies in Vienna and Munich. At the age of 30 Azbe founded his own school of painting in Munich that became a popular attraction for Eastern European students. Azbe trained the "big four" Slovenian impressionists (Rihard Jakopic, Ivan Grohar, Matej Sternen, Matija Jama) and a whole generation of Russian painters (Ivan Bilibin, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Igor Grabar, Wassily Kandinsky, Dmitry Kardovsky and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, to name a few). Azbe's training methods were adopted and reused by Russian artists both at home (Grabar, Kardovsky) and in emigration (Bilibin, Dobuzhinsky).

Azbe's own undisputed artistic legacy is limited to twenty-six graphic works, including classroom studies, most of them at the National Gallery of Slovenia. His long-planned masterpieces never materialized and, according to Peter Selz, he "never came into his own as an artist". His enigmatic personality blended together alcoholism, chain smoking, bitter loneliness, minimalistic simple living in private, and eccentric behaviour in public. A public scarecrow and a bohemian socialite, Azbe protected his personal secrets till the end, a mystery even to his students and fellow teachers. The public transformed the circumstances of his untimely death from cancer into an urban legend.

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