Firmin Baes

Belgians, 1874-1943
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Firmin Baes oil paintings
a breton woman
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53346
baroness de mevius (detail)
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53347
lady in gold
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53348
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53349
portrait of arthur martin
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53350
sheaves of corn
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53351
sunny farm
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53352
sunny terrace
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53353
sweet dreams
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53354
the death of ypres
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53355
the piano lesson
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53356
the sea
Firmin Baes
Item ID:53357
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Firmin Baes (born 18 April 1874 in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium - died 4 December 1943 in Brussels, Belgium) was a Belgian painter.

Baes was the son of Henri Baes, a lecturer at the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts, and Heloise Boly. He had two sisters, Alice and Irma. Baes was brought up in an artistically inclined family. He studied at the Academie Royale and was involved in an intellectual circle known as La Patte de Dindon, named after a cafe of the same name in the Grand Place, Brussels.

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