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Joseph Von Brandt : On The Move

Total Paintings:3

Jules Bastien-Lepage : Achilles and Priam

Total Paintings:22

Jules Breton : A la fontaine

Total Paintings:29

Knud Baade : Cloud study

Total Paintings:25

Le Nain Brothers : The Adoration of the Shepherds

Total Paintings:14

Leon Bakst : An ancient horror

Total Paintings:84

Leon Bazile Perrault : A Mother with her Sleeping Child

Total Paintings:19

Leon Bonnat : An Egyptian Peasant Woman and Her Child

Total Paintings:20

Limbourg Brothers : The Way to Calvary

Total Paintings:12

Louise Breslau : At Home

Total Paintings:5

Lubin Baugin : Graphic The Five Senses (Still-Life with Chessboard)

Total Paintings:1

Ludolf Backhuysen : Graphic The Y at Amsterdam viewed from Mussel Pier

Total Paintings:6

Maurice Brazil Prendergast : Along the Seine

Total Paintings:174

Moretto Da Brescia : A Saint Monk

Total Paintings:9

Myles Birket Foster : A View Of Old Town And Waverley Bridge From Princes Street Edinburgh

Total Paintings:16

Nicolaes Berchem : A Southern Harbour Scene

Total Paintings:13

Octav Bancila : Agapia valley

Total Paintings:45

Osias Beert : Graphic Still-Life with Cherries and Strawberries in China Bowls

Total Paintings:7

Otto Bache : Sondenvinden

Total Paintings:2

Paul Albert Besnard : Bather with Child and Swan by the Sea

Total Paintings:8

Paul-Jacques-Aime Baudry : charlotte corday

Total Paintings:10

Pierre Bonnard : Mirror on the Wash Stand

Total Paintings:80

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse : At The Barre

Total Paintings:17

Pieter Boel : Large Vanitas Still-Life

Total Paintings:3

Pieter The Elder Bruegel : Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

Total Paintings:20

Pompeo Batoni : Graphic Achilles at the Court of Lycomedes

Total Paintings:11

Ramon Bayeu : Graphic Boy with Guitar

Total Paintings:1

Richard Parkes Bonington : Landscape near Quilleboeuf

Total Paintings:28

Samuel Finley Breese Morse : Portrait of Lucretia Pickering Walker Morse

Total Paintings:18

Sandro Botticelli : Panel I of The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti

Total Paintings:23

Sebastien Bourdon : A Scene from Roman History

Total Paintings:8

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones : The Wheel of Fortune

Total Paintings:100

Sisto Badalocchio : Susanna and the Elders

Total Paintings:3

Thomas Benjamin Kennington : A Mothers Love

Total Paintings:13

Thomas Blinks : A Foxhound

Total Paintings:26

Trophime Bigot : A Doctor Examining Urine

Total Paintings:5

Total:209, Page 5 of 6