Theodore Gericault

France, 1791 - 1824
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Theodore Gericault oil paintings
Study for The Raft of the Medusa
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:25028
An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:25029
Seated Italian Peasant
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:25030
Leda and the Swan
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:25031
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:25032
The Race of the Barbary Horses
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:25033
The Raft of the Medusa
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:25034
Woman with Gambling Mania
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:25035
The Blacksmith's Signboard
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:25036
A Horse Frightened by Lightening
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:38746
A Portrait of a Young Man
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:38747
Academic Study of a Man
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:38748
Black Horse in a Stable
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:38749
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:38750
Nude Warrior with a Spear
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:38751
Portrait of a Young Woman
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:38752
Severed Heads
Theodore Gericault
Item ID:38753
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Theodore Gericault (26 September 1791 - 26 January 1824) was a profoundly influential French artist, painter and lithographer, known for The Raft of the Medusa and other paintings. Although he died young, he became one of the pioneers of the Romantic movement. Born in Rouen, France, Gericault was educated in the tradition of English sporting art by Carle Vernet and classical figure composition by Pierre-Narcisse Guerin, a rigorous classicist who disapproved of his student's impulsive temperament, but recognized his talent.

Gericault soon left the classroom, choosing to study at the Louvre instead, where he copied from paintings by Peter Paul Rubens, Titian, Diego Velazquez, and Rembrandt for about six years, from 1810 to 1815. There he found a vitality which he preferred to the prevailing school of Neoclassicism.

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