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Gabriel Metsu : Woman Playing the Viola da Gamba

Total Paintings:23

George Marks : A Watergarden

Total Paintings:3

George Morland : Dogs In Landscape, Setters and Pointer

Total Paintings:8

Georges Malkine : Canvas painting

Total Paintings:50

Giovanni Battista Moroni : The Gentleman in Pink

Total Paintings:12

Giovanni Da Milano : St Francis of Assisi

Total Paintings:2

Giuseppe Maria Crespi : Bookshelves

Total Paintings:9

Gustave Moreau : The Dead Poet Borne by a Centaur(Poete mort porte par un centaure)

Total Paintings:62

Hans Makart : adele grafin waldstein wartenberg

Total Paintings:40

Hans Memling : The Presentation in the Temple

Total Paintings:57

Hans Multscher : Christ before Pilate

Total Paintings:8

Hendrik Willem Mesdag : Coucher de Soleil

Total Paintings:14

Henri Emile Benoit Matisse : Open Window, Collioure

Total Paintings:276

Henri Moret : A Farm near Pont Aven

Total Paintings:93

Hughes Merle : A Beggar Woman

Total Paintings:8

Jan Mabuse : Young Girl with Astronomic Instrument

Total Paintings:18

Jan Massys : David and Bathsheba

Total Paintings:6

Jan Miense Molenaer : Allegory of Vanity, detail

Total Paintings:10

Jan Mostaert : Hilly River Landscape with St Christopher

Total Paintings:3

Jan Mytens : A Portrait of a Man Holding a Glove

Total Paintings:10

Jean-Baptiste Mallet : A Young Woman Standing In An Archway

Total Paintings:3

Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer : Flowers

Total Paintings:3

Jean-Francois Millet : Autumn Landscape with a Flock of Turkeys

Total Paintings:36

Jean Marc Nattier : Peter I  Peter the Grea

Total Paintings:19

Jervis McEntee : Autumn Landscape

Total Paintings:4

Joan Miro : Self-Portrait

Total Paintings:15

Joaquim Sunyer De Miro : Desnudo II

Total Paintings:54

Johan Mari Ten Kate : A Fishermans Family Marken

Total Paintings:6

John Macvicar Anderson : Westminster

Total Paintings:1

John Melhuish Strudwick : Circle of Scylla

Total Paintings:3

Joseph-Marie Vien : La Marchande D Amours

Total Paintings:3

Jules-Alexis Muenier : Aux Beaux Jours

Total Paintings:6

Kazimir Malevich : Still Life

Total Paintings:116

Kenneth M Adams : Taos Indian Evening

Total Paintings:1

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