Bernardo Bellotto

Italian, 1721-1780
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Bernardo Bellotto oil paintings
View of Vienna from the Belvedere
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:21898
Arno in Florence
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50349
Capriccio of the Capital
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50350
Capriccio with the Colosseum
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50351
Kaunitz Palace and Park in Vienne
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50352
New Market Square in Dresden
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50353
Ruins of a Temple
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50354
Signoria Square in Florence
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50355
The Neustadter Market in Dresden
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50356
The Ruins of the Old Kreuzkirche in Dresden
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50357
The Scuola of San Marco
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50358
View of Gazzada near Varese
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50359
View of Vienna from the Belvedere II
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50362
Zwinger Waterway
Bernardo Bellotto
Item ID:50363
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Bernardo Bellotto, (c. 1721/2 or 30 January 1721 - 17 November 1780) also called Canaletto, was an Italian urban landscape painter or vedutista, and printmaker in etching famous for his vedute of European cities (Dresden, Vienna, Turin and Warsaw). He was the pupil and nephew of Canaletto and sometimes used the latter's illustrious name, signing himself as Bernardo Canaletto. In Germany and Poland, Bellotto called himself by his uncle's name, Canaletto.

Bellotto was born in Venice, the son of Lorenzo Antonio Bellotto and Fiorenza Canal, sister of the famous Canaletto, and studied in his uncle's workshop.

Bernardo Bellotto died in Warsaw in 1780 and was buried in Capuchin Church at Miodowa Street.

Bellotto's style was characterized by elaborate representation of architectural and natural vistas, and by the specific quality of each place's lighting. It is plausible that Bellotto, and other Venetian masters of vedute, may have used the camera obscura in order to achieve superior precision of urban views.

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