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Georges De La Tour : Adoration of the Shepherds

Total Paintings:25

Georges Lemmen : Family Gathering in Saint-Idesbald

Total Paintings:26

Gerard De Lairesse : Allegory Of The Five Senses

Total Paintings:7

Gian Lorenzo Bernini : David with the Head of Goliath

Total Paintings:6

Giovanni Lanfranco : Allegory Of Music

Total Paintings:6

Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec : At the Cafe The Customer and the Anemic Cashier

Total Paintings:41

Henri Fantin-Latour : A Studio in the Batignolles

Total Paintings:221

Henri Victor Lesur : A Visit To The Florist

Total Paintings:4

Ismael Gonzalez De La Serna : Naturaleza muerta

Total Paintings:13

Jacques-Laurent Agasse : The Nubian Giraffe

Total Paintings:14

Jacques Linard : Basket of Flowers

Total Paintings:3

Jacques-Louis David : The Death of Marat

Total Paintings:57

Jan Lievens : Portrait

Total Paintings:10

Jean-Leon Gerome : Self Portrait

Total Paintings:149

Jean-Paul Laurens : Autoportrait

Total Paintings:24

Johan Laurentz Jensen : A Still Life With Flowers In A Greek Vase

Total Paintings:19

Johann Carl Loth : Jupiter And Mercury At Philemon And Baucis

Total Paintings:3

Johann Liss : Abel Mourned By His Parents

Total Paintings:8

John Byam Liston Shaw : A Dirge

Total Paintings:9

John Frederick Lewis : A Cairo Bazaar

Total Paintings:15

Juan De La Abadia : The Archangel Michael

Total Paintings:1

Juan De Valdes Leal : Virgin Of he Immaculate Conception With Sts Andrew And John The Baptist

Total Paintings:7

Juan Luis Lopez Garcia : Canvas painting

Total Paintings:42

Judith Leyster : A Boy And A Girl With A Cat And An Eel

Total Paintings:9

Jules Bastien-Lepage : Achilles and Priam

Total Paintings:22

Jules Joseph Lefebvre : A bathing nude

Total Paintings:26

Julius LeBlanc Stewart : After The Ball

Total Paintings:28

Lambert-Sigisbert Adam : La Poesie

Total Paintings:5

Laurent De La Hire : Abraham Sacrificing Isaac

Total Paintings:14

Le Nain Brothers : The Adoration of the Shepherds

Total Paintings:14

Lemuel Francis Abbott : Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, 1758-1805

Total Paintings:13

Leon Augustin Lhermitte : A Water Drawer

Total Paintings:56

Leon Bakst : An ancient horror

Total Paintings:84

Leon Bazile Perrault : A Mother with her Sleeping Child

Total Paintings:19

Leon Bonnat : An Egyptian Peasant Woman and Her Child

Total Paintings:20

Total:140, Page 2 of 4