John Ottis Adams

United States, 1851-1927
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John Ottis Adams oil paintings
The Bank (The Ebb of Day)
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20115
Thornberry's Pasture Brooklyn, Indiana
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20116
Morning on the Whitewater, Brookille, Indiana
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20117
Iridescence of a Shallow Stream
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20118
Our Village
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20119
Blue and Gold
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20120
Hollyhocks and Poppies, The Hermitage
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20121
In Poppyland
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20122
Sycamores on the Whitewater
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20123
Moonlight on the Whitewater
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20124
Winter, Brookville
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20125
An August Sunset, Prarie Dell
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20126
The Farm, Prarie Dell
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20127
Wheat-wain Afield
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20128
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20129
Nooning (Gleaners at Rest)
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20130
Wash Day, Bavaria
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20131
Half-Length Figure Study
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20132
Still Life
John Ottis Adams
Item ID:20133
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John Ottis Adams J. Ottis Adams (July 8, 1851 - January 28, 1927) was an American impressionist painter and member of the Hoosier Group of Indiana painters.

He spent his youth in Franklin, Shelbyville, and Martinsville, Indiana and attended Wabash College for two years.

He studied art at the South Kensington School of Art in London for two years. He settled in Muncie in 1876 and opened a studio there in 1887 after spending seven years doing further art study in Munich with T. C. Steele and other members of the Hoosier Group. Adams was the central figure in the formation of an art school in Muncie, Indiana, where he later participated in forming the Art Students League of Muncie, after the Muncie Art School closed.

Adams later (with other members of the Hoosier Group) founded the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. He and his wife, Winifred Brady Adams, also a painter, lived and painted at The Hermitage in Brookville, Indiana along with T. C. Steele and his wife.

Together with William Forsyth, Adams also instructed American Impressionist artist Francis Focer Brown (1891–1971).

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