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Frederick Carl Frieseke : The Mother

Total Paintings:37

George Adomeit : A Cool Refreshing Drink

Total Paintings:1

George Ault : Anderson farm

Total Paintings:14

George Bellows : Love of Winter

Total Paintings:85

George Caleb Bingham : Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap

Total Paintings:35

George Hitchcock : Blessed Mother

Total Paintings:9

George Inness : A Breezy Autumn

Total Paintings:73

George Loftus Noyes : Rose

Total Paintings:9

George Wesley Bellows : Blue Snow The Battery

Total Paintings:17

Georgia O Keeffe : Two Calla Lillies on Pink

Total Paintings:77

Gilbert Charles Stuart : The Skater

Total Paintings:27

Guy Carleton Wiggins : city hall park ny framed

Total Paintings:10

Guy Rose : The Model

Total Paintings:7

Harrison Fisher : Girl with pet

Total Paintings:52

Harry Herman Roseland : A Serious Case

Total Paintings:6

Henry Bacon : Graphic Etreat

Total Paintings:1

Henry Farney : A Moment of Suspense

Total Paintings:8

Henry Farny : A Lucky Shot

Total Paintings:22

Herman Herzog : Campfire in Moonlight

Total Paintings:13

Howard Pyle : Attack on a Galleon

Total Paintings:6

Hugh Bolton Jones : A Country Path in Summer

Total Paintings:16

James Bard : Graphic Steamboat William Tittamer

Total Paintings:1

James Carroll Beckwith : Graphic An American Queen

Total Paintings:27

James Jebusa Shannon : A Portrait Of Ruby Miller

Total Paintings:10

Jasper Francis Cropsey : Starrucca Viadukt

Total Paintings:22

Jervis McEntee : Autumn Landscape

Total Paintings:4

John George Brown : Portrait of Miss Gibson

Total Paintings:10

John Henry Twachtman : A Venetian Scene

Total Paintings:25

John James Audubon : Graphic White Gerfalcons

Total Paintings:85

John Joseph Enneking : A Late Afternoon Walk

Total Paintings:8

John Ottis Adams : The Bank (The Ebb of Day)

Total Paintings:19

John Singer Sargent : Mrs Wilton Phips

Total Paintings:395

John Singleton Copley : Baron Graham

Total Paintings:92

John White Alexander : Isabella and the Pot of Basil

Total Paintings:23

Joseph Badger : Portrait of James Badger

Total Paintings:1

Joseph R DeCamp : A Murky Day

Total Paintings:40

Julian Alden Weir : A Follower of Grolier

Total Paintings:31

Julius LeBlanc Stewart : After The Ball

Total Paintings:28

Kenneth M Adams : Taos Indian Evening

Total Paintings:1

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